UCSF Hot Topics in Primary Care Medicine University of California San Francisco Clinical Update


Preventive Medicine

  • Prevention of Infections: Best Practices in Vaccination – Lisa G. Winston, MD
  • Updates in Breast Cancer Screening – Karla M. Kerlikowske, MD
  • Cancer Screening 2019: New Recommendations, New Controversies – Judith M.E. Walsh, MD, MPH
  • How Should We Approach Cervical Cancer Screening and Routine Pelvic Examinations in 2019? – George F. Sawaya, MD

Clinical Strategies in Primary Care I

  • Management of Lipid Disorders: Integrating the New Guidelines – Robert B. Baron, MD, MS
  • Safer Opiate Prescribing – Soraya Azari, MD
  • Common and Uncommon Problems in Otolaryngology – Steven Pletcher, MD
  • Updates in Nutrition and Exercise: New Trials and New Guidelines – Jeffrey A. Tice, MD

Clinical Strategies in Primary Care II

  • Current Strategies in Perioperative Medicine – H. Quinny Cheng, MD
  • Quality Contraception Care: Counseling and Controversies – Sara Whetstone, MD
  • Updates in Hospital Medicine – Bradley A. Sharpe, MD

Clinical Strategies in Primary Care III

  • Understanding Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Now More than Ever – Susan Philip, MD, MPH
  • Gout: An Old Disease that is Coming of Age – Jonathan Graf, MD
  • Palliative Care Pearls for the Busy Practitioner – Steven Z. Pantilat, MD

Clinical Strategies in Primary Care IV

  • Current Approaches to Asthma and COPD – Michael Peters, MD
  • Management of Common Problems in Sports Medicine – Cindy J. Chang, MD
  • Best Practices in Chest Imaging for the Non-Radiologist – Brett M. Elicker, MD
  • Current Approaches to Allergy and Immunology – Iris Otani, MD

Clinical Strategies in Primary Care V

  • Depression in Primary Care: Mourning or Melancholia? – Descartes Li, MD
  • Interventional Cardiology for the Non-Cardiologist: New Innovations and New Guidelines – Krishan Soni, MD, MBA
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteoporosis: What’s New and Controversial in 2019? – Douglas C. Bauer, MD


Date of Original Release: January 15, 2020
Date Credits Expire: January 14, 2023

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